Heathside follows a curriculum set out to build strong foundations in numeracy and literacy, to broaden horizons and encourage expression and to reach the entrance standards of various independent senior schools.

Our teaching encompasses and extends the National Curriculum, and most children work ahead of their curriculum year. We have a proud tradition of tailoring our teaching so that every child gets the best from each lesson: a high staff-to-student ratio, a focus on small-group work and individual attention allow us to offer challenge and support as appropriate.

A full range of academic subjects is taught: the teaching is both imaginative and challenging. The core skills of language and literacy, creative thinking and mathematical and scientific understanding are fundamental and are promoted from the start. We lay down strong foundations in number, problem-solving, handwriting, spelling, grammar, communication, literature, poetry and creative writing.

Learning is supported with project work and frequent field trips and events: Science Week includes a science fair, visiting speakers and day trips; International Week involves demonstrations of languages, food and cultural traditions, and we celebrate major religious festivals year-round; competitions and other public events focus on poetry and prose speaking, creative writing, sport, art, drama and music.

Our aim is to develop the whole individual as a confident, independent learner and an active, responsible citizen of the school, local community and beyond.

Heathside is now delighted to offer a varied, vibrant and academically chellenging Key Stage 3 programme. Our secondary level curriculum continues the Heathside tradition of being child-centred and dynamic, whilst continuing to achieve excellent academic results.

For more information and details about our curriculum, please refer to our Curriculum Policy.