Boarding at Heathside offers students a way to spend more time with their friends and forge new friendships, too. Boarders can join in a range of evening activities, get help with their homework and enjoy the fellowship of the Heathside community after hours.

Heathside offers boarding for children from Year 5 (age 10) upwards at our High School. Families can choose boarding options for the term, each week or on a flexible basis. Some children board certain nights each week, others for a period when a parent is out of town for work.

Boarding provides families the choice and flexibility that suits busy working parents and their children, too. For many families, it saves time and stress on the daily commute and provides a safe environment before and after school. A common theme we hear from parents is that children are growing up too fast; in particular, the use of technology and social media can be challenging to control. In a thriving boarding community with caring adult supervision, these pressures can be lessened; children are encouraged to use their time positively on sports and clubs, getting homework done and being with friends.

Heathside focuses on developing the whole child and providing a balance of academic excellence, enjoyment and activity. Boarding gives children a wonderful opportunity to take full advantage of all that Heathside has to offer beyond the time constraints of a normal school day.

As children grow, we want them to become responsible citizens with a strong sense of belonging to their school and the wider community and to develop caring attitudes to others. Boarding at Heathside provides the structure, routine, support and fellowship that children need to develop their independence, at their own pace, away from home.

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+44 (0) 203 058 4011 